Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Indefinite Hiatus

Right now I just don't have the time for blogging. I'm sure I will be back, but can't give an estimate when. See you at some later point!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Hiatus Until March

Dear readers, due to being busy with work-related stuff and traveling to California I will take break with the blog. I expect to resume writing in March.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What Has Helix Been Up To While I Was Gone?

Let's see. Keegan Adams and the cutest little twink Jack Diamond got their asses spanked by Renaldo Noir.

Felix Russo, a hungry little Latino bottom, has his second scene out at Helix. At Facebook Felix seems like a real darling, and he has such beautiful eyes. In this one Eric Blaine fucks his round little ass that is framed with a sexy jockstrap. Welcome Felix, glad to see you at Helix! (Hey, it rhymes!)

And then my very favorites, the sexy, crazy and magnificent Dustin Revees and Vince Faulkner, perform some delicious bareback action with Lee Paine.

First Dustin shows, the first time at Helix, that he is just as good as an aggressive top as he is at taking the dick.

And then Vince bottoms for Lee, offering us again an opportunity to marvel at his tight body and eager ass.

There are worse ways to get started with a new year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a Notice of Hiatus

Dear twink lovers and readers, I'm not dead nor lost my interest in male beauty - just enjoying the nature of Lapland with my family for a week or so. I will be back, as they say.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A new Helix spanker - Renaldo Noir

Renaldo Noir, a Latino guy with hairy chest and arms, has joined Mr. Sterne's troops to discipline the unruly twinks, and debuts with Wade Christianson. This is return of the genre I have been missing: discipline spankings as opposed to erotic play. (Of course they *really* are erotic play, but we don't have to go into that. This is fantasy.) Naughty Wade has been shooting spit wads at a girl and sent to Renaldo for punishment. (EW! He totally deserves it if you ask me!)

I think Renaldo is promising. He spanks hard and fast and says puta at one point! Towards the end of the scene Wade provides an interesting variation of spanking fantasy: spanking as a competition between the spanker and spankee. He challenges Renaldo: "do all the students get punished like this?" "This is fucking bullshit!" "Pussy slaps like that don't even hurt." And, to being asked if he has learned his lesson: "yeah, you fucking pervert!" Renaldo, of course, will try to match the challenge by spanking hard enough to get through.

Now the perfect way for this kind of fantasy to end would be that Wade would eventually be spanked in total submission and humility, crying openly and not the least bit rebellious any more. At some points he seems on verge of crying, and takes quite a beating, but it doesn't go there. I suppose not many actors are willing to go that far. Yet, I quite liked it and I think both of these guys have potential.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Highlights

Kevin Kandy
Much to my pleasure Helix continues to release clips featuring my crazy little perv Dustin Revees, this time paired with a new exclusive Kevin Kandy. Kevin is a sweet, brown-eyed boy with an easy smile and at first seems a bit intimidated by Dustin. That is no wonder, since at the beginning of the scene Dustin is sporting his black latex dominatrix outfit he wore at the latest Folsom Street Fair. And we do know that Dustin is, like Krys Perez puts it in his interview at LollipopTwinks, "a sexually scary individual".

Dustin Revees and Vince Faulkner
Unfortunately there is no picture available of the outfit in the stills (really, Helix!) but no worries! I got one from Dustin's personal collection.

Kevin soon gets the hang of what Dustin wants. The kid has a nice, thick 10 inch cock and Dustin likes it rough so you do the math. I just love hearing Dustin moan the louder and faster the harder Kevin pounds him. Especial highlight is when Dustin is riding Kevin, and Kevin twists his nipples. You almost expect him to come right there and then. Watching Dustin take dick is always a thrill, and in spite of his easy-going pleasant demeanor Kevin can handle him and be rough and dominant. Don't miss this one!

It is part of the Twinks Unscripted DVD that is just out and that contains scenes by Dustin and Vince Faulkner that I have already reviewed (three latest post before this one). Those scenes alone would be worth buying the DVD. There is some informal chat and reminiscing before the scenes - nice for those of us who like that personal human touch.

Seth Serenity
Meanwhile, LollipopTwinks recently published a Seth Serenity interview which I guess is rather old material - but no matter! The subject matter is of timeless appeal and fascination, and something that never fails to intrigue and amuse me. Namely, Things People Stuff Up Their Ass. Specifically, they want to know what is the strangest thing Seth has ever put up his butt. The answer is a remote control. He can't really explain how the idea occurred to him. He lubed it up but did not use a condom, since he wasn't worried of getting pregnant or contracting a STD from it. He won't tell if he still used it afterwards so if you visit Seth and he asks you to switch the channel, be very afraid. Seriously, his (and the interviewers') reactions are hilarious to watch. He's very cute when he is awkward and embarrassed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rough Sex Is Best Sex

At least, that's what I think. That seems to be the way Vince Faulkner feels too, and one of the reasons this small but toned and strong twink is such an effing hot bottom. He seems like such a passionate lover. Helix has been kind enough to treat me with more Vince, this time with Keegan Adams (who doesn't seem to be able to decide just what kind of porn presence he wants to present).

Vince is comfortable and charming sharing his sexual memories in front of the camera - while there are a few shy smiles and shrugs, he's never awkward. Even if I didn't think he's smoking hot, I'd just like to hug him for being so cute in the beginning of the scene. Keegan barely gets a word in edgeways while Vince reminisces, not that he seems to have much to add. I've never been a fan of the "strong, silent type" archetype, but if that is your thing maybe Keegan's non-action works for you just fine.

Luckily Keegan's performance improves when he gets to the fucking business. I get quite a kick out of seeing little Vince being handled roughly and treated like a slut, loving every minute of it.

Here's another nice one: in TeachTwinks clip "Slutty twinks rehearse Romeo and Juliet". Ashton Rush bends Brice Carson over the desk and lets him have it. Check also the particularly silly opening scene ("What do you mean 'yonder' is not US Southern dialect?") and the preceding mutual sucking.