Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tommy Anders, His Red Butt, and Paradise Lost

Let's face it - camera loves Tommy Anders. He is blessed with that enviable charisma that makes him capture everyone's attention with easy confidence the moment he enters a scene - and this, I believe, is the reason to that he has such an enthusiastic fan base even though watching a Helix newcomer after another go through the initiation rite of being drilled by his 9 incher can after a while get repetitive.

When Tommy first caught my attention I instantly thought of Milton's Lucifer. For those of you who skipped English Lit or never studied it, John Milton wrote an epic Christian poem, Paradise Lost, in 1667. It is about man's fall from the grace of God, and deals with all sort of deep shit such a free will, politics, fate, predestination and cultural references to pagan Greek times. What is relevant to our Tommy, though, is the characterization of Lucifer, the First of the Fallen, God's most beautiful creation - the angel whose sin was pride and who led the rebellion against God.

(At left: a DC Comics character Lucifer - a characterization in the Miltonian tradition. Artist Christopher Moeller.)

It seems that Milton was actually trying to justify theologically God's actions - but I have always found it impossible to fathom that someone could *not* root for Lucifer in this book. "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven" - damn straight, Lucifer! You tell them! The Wikipedia article puts it like this: " a beautiful youth, he is a tragic figure... He is introduced to Hell after a failed rebellion to wrestle control of Heaven from God. Satan's desire to rebel against his creator stems from his unwillingness to accept that all beings don't deserve freedom, declaring the angels "self-begot, self-raised", thereby eliminating God’s authority over them as their creator." Who could not sympathize with that? In my books, the only beings not deserving of freedom are those unwilling to respect it and fight for it.

Milton's Lucifer is more of an anti-hero than a villain - and this interpretation of Satan character has left a very powerful cultural mark. This Satan is not an ugly hairy dude with horns and a poker in his hand: he is heart-achingly beautiful, and proud, and bitter. He is persuasive, manipulative and vain. His ego, ambition and pride is both his strength and his outdoing. And something about Tommy's demeanor reflects that image. There is the beauty, of course - that is a no-brainer. There is the superficial appearance of innocence that is soon betrayed by the sultriness, the passionate mouth and eyes, and the charming bad-boy smirk.

I find Tommy's spanking videos especially enjoyable. He gets to speak more, so his natural screen charisma makes him shine. In the tried-and-true Helix spanking formula of the displeased Jeff Sterne disciplining the naughty twinks, by and large the other twinks take their punishments pretty meekly and obediently. Not Tommy. He puts up a fight! He says fuck a lot and goes "whatever" in that insolent teenager manner. When Sterne advices him that it would be in his best interest to keep his mouth shut, Tommy responds with an indignant "you know what, fuck you Sterne!" He's "sorry" just long enough to make the spanking stop for a while. His reactions are very rewarding to watch: even afterwards there is the sullen little boy face and the rebellious kicking of stuff as he starts to clean up. Yep - a totally deserved spanking, and a lovely butt!

The scene with Paul Pratt is more aggressive in nature and hints at sexual sadism, so one can't help feeling a bit sorry for Tommy especially with the pained face shots. Yet it is hot - and Tommy with his smart mouth certainly doesn't make things any easier for himself!

My favorite Tommy spanking has to be the hilarious tongue-in-the-cheek one where he gets his butt reddened by none other than the spankophile Santa (played by the awesome TJ Wood). Tommy, of course, is just the kind of brat Santa is out to spank, flipping the finger, making faces, fighting at every step and being very, very disrespectful. These two seem to egg each other on and the dialogue makes me ROFL several times. A few highlights here:

Santa: Are you going to be a good boy or are you going to be a bad boy?
Tommy: I'm just sleeping, come on, let me get to sleep.
Santa: Oh, I'll let you get to sleep all right, I'll let you get tosleep once we have found a way to discipline you just a little bit to make sure that you're a good boy!
Tommy: I thought Santa was a jolly old fat fucker.
Santa: Well, I'm fat and I'm a fucker, but jolly I ain't!

(Tommy previously tries to get rid of Santa by claiming that he is Jewish)
Santa: ...Jewish... Jewish my ass!...or, apparently Jewish your ass. *chuckles*

Santa: You think Santa likes to spank naughty boys?
Tommy: A little bit, yeah.
Santa: *indignantly* What did you just say?
Tommy: I just...
Santa: *grabs Tommy by the neck and sits him up* What did you just say to me? A little bit I like to spank boys?
Tommy: Well you told me earlier that you like to spank boys!
Santa: *ponderous* Oh... I did, didn't I.
Tommy: Yeah.
Santa: *perks up* All right, then we should do it some more! *bends Tommy over his knee again and starts to spank*
Tommy: *yells and hollers*
Santa: Well, you are right! This is a lot of fun!

Join Helix studios to get access to both Tommy's spanking films at SpankThis and the rest of his stuff, including super hot scenes with Jesse Starr! (And obviously, a lot more!)


  1. Love it. Tommy is very adorable and sexy. He is the most spankable character in helix. He need more spanking asap to recorrect his naughty behaviors!!

  2. Uhh I love Second Vidoe the best. Paul is super hot spanker and he knows how to handle this defiant twink! Also, Do u know Paul put his fingers to Tommy's anus several times? It excited me and i expected's tommy's bottom scene at that time lol

  3. Anonymous 1: Why thank you :) I don't know if Tommy does porn any more, but if he does, I sure hope he will agree to a spanking.

    Anonymous 2: I didn't know that! Paul is super hot I agree - all the spankers do different types of scenes, and Paul's are the ones that are most obviously sexual.

  4. With an ass like that he should BTTM hahah Just sayin haha

  5. Oh, I would have loved it if the Paul scene would have ended with Paul bending Tommy over the hood of the car and fucking him. *drools at the idea*

  6. I'm not a Tommy Anders fan at all but I love his spanking scenes,especially the one with TJ Wood"Santa Dreamin".So funny!
    I don't like very much the one with Paul because I tend to find Paul a little bit too violent for my taste(mostly with Landon Haynes).He goes a little bit too far for me.I much prefer him in his sex scenes where he's super sweet.

  7. Yeah, Paul's scenes sometimes make me cringe a bit too. It is because I'm more into the discipline than the sadism aspect of spanking. But Paul definitely is hot.

  8. Yes,he is!I saw his scene with Jayden Elis and only one word:hot!A scene that mingles all facets of Paul:the ultra sexy dominant and his taste for the spanking(soft this time).Moreover I would like to see a spankthis scene betwwen these two,Jayden seemed enjoy too.
    However,I found Jayden a little bit clumsy at times.

  9. I liked Jayden very much - he has the loveliest smile and the two had great chemistry.